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Kenneth David Brubacher
Kenneth David Brubacher

Kenneth David Brubacher was born into a large family of “sort of” Mennonites in Elmira, through no fault of his own.  He was encouraged to make an attempt at becoming a normal human being, but with limited success. To the surprise of nearly everyone he graduated from secondary school in 1970. From there he traveled the world extensively turning his hand to many kinds of...

Mennonite Cobbler

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Where do Mennonites come from? How do you accidentally build a shoemaker? What happens when a family tries to leave the Old Order Faith and yet not make it into the real world? What happens to you when you throw a shovel full of sand at your Mother? These, and other matters of great pitch and moment, are herein addressed...

What People are Saying

“Witty, insightful, delightfully absurd yet oddly real. Ken holds no punches and his prose is refreshing, raw and true.”

– Veronica Low, Roar Media – a division of Roar Publishing Inc., 


"Provokingly charming! Mennonite Cobbler is a dynamic yet thoughtful, ‘tongue and cheek’ commentary on growing up in a strict, religious household in the Mennonite community, infused with humour, rebellion and mischief with an upbeat Mark Twain, lyrically twisted undertone"

– C. Dayman, Host, Biz Talk,

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