A Book by Kenneth David Brubacher

From where do flies come? What do they eat? Why do they buzz in the ears and noses of those just nicely settled in for a nap? What do they do for entertainment, besides buzzing around heads? Do they rent videos of that 1958 movie The Fly? Do they eat popcorn while they watch it? How many flies can one kernel of popcorn feed? Thankfully, Fly addresses exactly zero of the above matters, none of which contain much in the line of pitch or moment. 

Fly invites the reader to view the mundane and seemingly inconsequential from a different perspective.  The book offers suggestion of what can be learned if we pause to consider what inspirational considerations may be learned from musca domestica, the common housefly.

  • Hard cover
  • Smythe sewn
  • Premium stock
  • Full colour illustrations throughout
  • Large legible print
  • Limited edition, hand signed by the author, 100 copies only



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