Leafy and Sprucy

A book by Kenneth David Brubacher.

What if trees could talk to each other? How do you know they don’t? And if they do, what do they say to each other? And how is it that we can’t hear what they say? After all, the dance card of your average tree is not all that full, and they have lots of time to learn to talk while we are busy babbling at each other. Some people believe that not only trees, but also rocks and peaches converse with each other too.

Leafy and Spruce invites the reader to pause and consider the conversation of a maple tree and a blue spruce who live on either side of a stone soldier. They discuss the behaviour and attitudes of a society seemingly headlong bent on chaotic perdition, all the while puzzling over and remarking upon the entities and objects of our past and current WorthShip.

  • Hard cover
  • Smythe sewn
  • Premium stock
  • Full colour illustrations throughout
  • Large legible print
  • Limited edition, hand signed by the author, 100 copies only



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