Mennonite Cobbler

A Book by Kenneth David Brubacher

Mennonite Cobbler takes a light-hearted look at life  no longer enjoying the traditions andcomfort of the Old Order Mennonite Faith, nor yet assimilated into main-stream society.  The author describes his journey from humble shoe repair beginnings to that of a master craftsman in the art of making shoes by hand for severe foot problems.

The Brubacher roots and name originate in the early 1500’s, and are intertwined with the emergence of  the Mennonites from the Anabaptist Faith in Germany and Switzerland at that time.  The volume traces the Mennonite emigration from the shores of Lake Zurich through Holland, Pennsylvania, and then to Ontario and beyond.

The book wrestles with the twin dilemmas of the simple Mennonite way of life under siege by a technocrazy world, together with the author’s struggle to bring balance to his own life in a parallel journey.

  • 8 x 10
  • Hard Cover
  • 275 pages
  • 45 full page illustrations
  • Smythe sewn.

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